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Hi everyone and welcome to my Shyness and Success website, site with dating advice for shy men. I was a shy man most of my life, but I found a way to overcome it and now I want to share some great advice for men who are feeling shy and stuck with no dating life.


My name is John Constantine, I used to be really shy, with no confidence and very self-conscious, also when I were around other people I was really awkward and quiet. Specially around women I felt really nervous. Only thing that made it easier was drinking a lot of alcohol and even that didn’t always help.

There was no success with dating for me in my twenties, not until my thirties. The rare occasion I found a girlfriend was most due to luck. The feeling I felt was that I was missing something (or someone) in my life. There was this empty feeling inside me that I wasn’t being the man that I was supposed to be and I felt very alone.

I thought there was something wrong with me, that nobody liked me and it had to do with the way I look and that there was nothing I could do about it. In my thirties I decided that I had to do something to overcome my shyness and to start dating so I started to do a lot of research about shyness, dating, psychology, personal development and about all kind of stuff to get my dating life rolling.

On one side I did the theoretical research and on the other side I was practicing what I was researching, I did online dating, went to clubs, hang around with other more social friends, travel to other countries (sometimes all by my self) and I learned to be more social and less quiet and awkward. Overcoming shyness is not something you do overnight, but it’s absolute doable. But you need to commit to success.

Now, I feel much more free, have lot of new friends and a beautiful girlfriend.


Nothing is perfect, but you can always improve and overcoming shyness is no different. To overcome shyness and to date without being too nervous to meet your special one requires some effort. You need to commit to improve your social skills, try new things, shift your mindset and practice.

There is no such thing as overnight success in overcoming shyness, but if you really want you have the possibility to commit, practice and meet your special one.


Purpose with shynessandsuccess.com

My purpose with this website is to provide shy men in all ages with rich and useful content on how to overcome shyness and social anxiety and to take your dating life to next level. Maybe you are twenty-something and newer had a girlfriend, maybe newer had a date Or you are over forty, divorced and want to get back to dating life, but feel shy and insecure.

With this website I hope to give you some ideas to work on your self to take your life to next level.

All the best,

John Constantine



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  1. Dear John.
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to make towards love and happiness. I wish if more people know your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

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