Overcome Shyness

Can Improv Help You Overcome Shyness?

Are you willing to take improv sessions to ease you from shyness and social anxiety? Well, shyness is a common condition that affects people when they are scrutinized or negatively judged. Additionally, men are not an exemption either because we all develop an attachment to people or things, hence, you will need improv to help you get through your situation. Most men have been unable to make the best out of their dating lives because shyness crippled everything they have been yearning for. Therefore, Before we get started, it is to get to know what exactly is improv.

What is improv?

This is a form of live theatre whereby the dialogue or characters of a game is made up quickly which makes it a unique performance. Such improvised shows differ depending on the style, goals, and training. Sometimes it is purely based on comedy and drama. Therefore, improv tries to cultivate flexibility, spontaneity, and confidence. It taps creative and imaginative skills that you have to help you get rid of shyness.

Therefore improvisational theater is performed based on what is unscripted to help you develop teamwork abilities, creative problem solving and communication skills. Most psychotherapist uses it to gain insight into a person feelings, relationships and thoughts. The principles of improv are not only applied on the stage but you can also apply it in real life to help you gain control very your shyness.

Well, even the bold can become shy at certain occasions and situations that is why you need improv to help you overcome shyness. The hardest part of improv is making the first move to attend those classes. Imagine yourself walking into a room where there are strangers wouldn’t that make you nervous? If you are a shy person it magnifies your shyness but after getting along with improv you will certainly lose that shy nature.

Therefore improv is a great tool that can help you overcome shyness. Possibly you might be asking yourself how improv can help you overcome your deep-rooted shyness right?


How to know if improv is the right thing for you

Well sometimes you might not be certain of you are shy or not. You might be comforting yourself that it is only because you found yourself in a messy situation when you are unprepared.Well, shyness is a character that is eating your confidence and soon you will not be able to take charge of your dating life. If you want to know if improv is the best thing that you need to consider the following:

1. Do you fear public speaking

2. Are you uncomfortable or nervous when you are around people

3. Is being embarrassed or looking stupid among your greatest fears

4. Does being the center of attention makes you feel uncomfortable

5. Do you find yourself turning down an invitation to social events

6. Do you find it hard to say your opinion because you feel you will be criticized by others

If you can cross-check thought the following self-evaluation questions and you find yourself in any of the group above then you need to immediately take improv classes.

Overcoming shyness

How Improv can help you overcome shyness

As I had said earlier improv can help you overcome shyness since it allows you to come up with a comic art spontaneously with the help of sudden inventiveness that comes from your body, mind, and spirit. We all have improvisational nature which you only need to unleash to shape your behavioral tendencies.

The following are lessons you can get from improv:-

There are no failures

When you first step into an improv class you will be told there is no failure. You will find yourself ruining a scene but all you can do is to laugh it off. Interestingly, life has got no script that is why you need to get over your shyness because there is nothing better than what you did when you were in a certain situation. Don’t judge yourself negatively you need to be bold and face life with a better mindset.

It helps you face your fears

Social anxiety can hold you from discovering your full potential.Therefore improv helps you to stay relaxed which extinguishes your fear gradually. After the sessions, you will even realize that you are getting bolder.

It instills positivity

The first rule in improv is “Yes and…”.This implies whatever the idea that somebody comes up with you need to take the idea and capitalize on it instead of negating. This requires open-mindedness and complete trust and willingness to give your ideas with no attachments.


If you want to overcome your shyness you need to be committed to who you are. Improv helps you to make your audience care about the character that you have created for them. They will love it and form an authentic connection which should help you realize that you also need to develop commitment in real life.

In contemporary society, people have a serious case of fear when they think if they get committed to something they will miss out on the other thing. That is why you find yourself being afraid of being rejected by your girlfriend because of giving an opinion. That should not be the case, You need to commit yourself to experiences that life brings and those people that love you to help you overcome social anxiety.

It leads to improved communication

Good communication skills improve relationships. Communication is base on what you say, body language and inflection. Therefore improv helps you to respond genuinely by reading between the lines so that you might not find yourself in an awful situation which might make you start second-guessing and judging yourself negatively. If you can consistently build on your communication skills, you will find yourself in a better platform to face your social anxieties.

Overcoming Shyness

It is a great mental workout

Improv requires you to build off ideas by thinking fast. It is a challenging exercise that requires you to recall up to seven different words and their respective poses. Therefore, when improvising, you need to have a distinct awareness of your environment so that you can act fast. This improves your mindfulness in a dynamic social situation. You will learn to respond precisely to every situation.


If you are a shy guy and you usually find it hard to date then you have seen improv is your ultimate solution to your shyness. Women love bold people who can embrace who they are without fear of contradiction. Take improv today and overcome social anxiety.

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