Dating Tips For Shy Men – Taking Good Care of Yourself

Self-care increases your well-being and your self-esteem. Additionally, if you are feeling good, look happy, are clean and have good clothes, been to the gym a few times the last week, then the chances are that you will present a better impression to the world and the opposite sex. This will increase your confidence.

Therefore in this article we are going to entirely focus on self-care. For more reading about how to start dating and improving your socials skills, I recommend you to read other post on this site. You can start with these posts:

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Practicing Your Social Skills

If you are shy and depressed and haven’t been on a date for a long time, then there is a chance that you have compromised your self-care. This is really not the case for all shy men, but is a good reminder to maintain good self-care.

Additionally, if you are a guy who plays video games, watch meaningless programs on TV and eats snacks all day, then this post might be good for you. Being shy is not an excuse for being a slob.

Personal grooming habits

Good hygiene is an essential part of being healthy as it keeps germs and viruses away. It also makes you feel good about yourself which is good for your mental health. Not taking care of personal hygiene is sometimes a sign of sadness or depression. If you’ve been neglecting your personal hygiene now is the time to change that.

A good hygiene routine includes: showering or taking a bath daily (at least), washing your hair, cleaning your teeth, washing your hands with soap many times during the day, cutting your finger and toe nails, having clean clothes, using some cologne (but not too much!), looking at yourself in the mirror before you leave the house, and much more. This is something we all know, but there are guys who sometimes forget this. 

Taking care of your hair,

If you want to give a good impression to the ladies, then It’s really important to have a nice hair cut- so get one regularly. If you have noticed that you are balding, don’t worry too much, but always keep it short. Eyebrows may need some minor trimming, and there are great videos on YouTube that show how to do this. Do the same with nose and ear hairs. Also, if you are hairy, you can trim your chest, armpit and pubic hair.

Dating tips For Shy Men

Taking care of your teeth

Healthy white teeth are important because you want to have a fresh smile. Brush your teeth twice a day; both manual and electric toothbrushes are effective, but the electric ones make brushing much easier. Floss between your teeth every day and you will also need to brush your tongue. Similar to your teeth, your tongue is also a target for bacteria, so cleaning it is good for your oral health and to have better breath.

Schedule regular dental check-ups and if you have yellow teeth or other dental problems, talk with your dentist about it and he will suggest a suitable solution. If possible, stop smoking, as there are many more benefits to quitting smoking than just better teeth. One more thing you can do for your oral hygiene is to limit your sugar intake, because sugar can lead to tooth decay

Healthy sleeping habits

Healthy sleeping habits are good for your well-being, productivity, looks, and actually almost everything. It’s not always easy to prioritize sleep. We would all late to stay up late to do things, but that is not good for our sleep hygiene. To get better sleep habits, you need to stick to a sleep schedule. We need around 7 hours sleep per night, so if you need to get up at 6 am, then it is a good idea to get to bed by 11 pm. Your bedroom should be quiet, cool and dark, and your mattress and pillows should be comfortable.

Don’t drink caffeine late in the evening because it will prevent sleeping. Alcohol is bad for your sleep too. It is good to drink water during the day, but drinking too much water before you go to bed might limit your sleep. Exercise will also improve your sleep quality a lot, but not if you do so just before going to bed.

Healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is beneficial in every single way. If you are not exercising, I recommend that you start. It is actually proven that exercise is a great medicine against depression. If you don’t know which exercise type you prefer, you can try different kinds of exercise to find which is the best fit for you. Try going to the gym, participation in a yoga class, doing martial arts, running or whatever exercise form you are interested in.

If you have never exercised regularly or for a long time, start with something at a light to moderate level, such as walking or bicycling. In some cases you should talk with your doctor before starting exercising, and this is especially important if you have a medical condition.

Eating right is just as important. If you have unhealthy eating habits, try to change a little and not everything at once because that is difficult. Check your drinking habits. How often and how much do you drink? Do you need to limit your drinking habits? Of course avoid drugs as much as possible.

Also, check your relations with your friends. If you have friends who you might consider ‘toxic’ and detrimental to your health, try to cut them out or at least limit your time with them. How do you spend your time? Are you doing meaningful stuff such as taking care of your career, reading quality books, exercising or are you just wasting your time with video games and stuff like that?


In this article we have been talking about the importance of taking care of yourself. When you take care of your body and mind, not only does it increase it your self-esteem and well-being, it also makes you much more attractive to the opposite sex.

Once you get your personal appearance together, your confidence will begin to grow.

I’m not saying that you never should drink alcohol, play Video games or eat junk food- of course you should enjoy things you like, but try to do it in moderate amounts.

You can simultaneously work on you appearance and improve you social skills. Just because you are shy and alone, doesn’t mean you can’t live a healthy, good and enjoyable life.

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4 thoughts on “Dating Tips For Shy Men – Taking Good Care of Yourself

  1. I love this article, thanks for sharing.

    I am not really that shy but I haven’t had much luck in the dating area over the last year or so. I think it’s because I haven’t put enough effort into trying.

    I definitely take care of myself but I think with Valentines day coming up and its still early in the new year I should start dating again. Your post and site are definitely a motivator and it’s really inspiring to see people like yourself helping others in this area.

    Thanks again for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Thank you Tom, I’m glad you like this article. I think it’s a good idea to get back to the dating game. If you don’t like the bar and night club scene try some new hobby, like partner dancing or yoga. You could also try internet dating. Good luck, cheers.

  2. Hi John – thanks for sharing! This doesn’t relate to me personally however I do have a friend who is shy and played games all day during his free time. He started to take care of himself a little bit more and guess what? He’s getting married this May! Thanks so much for sharing this post to the shy guys out there!

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