Difference Between Introvert And Extrovert

Difference Between Introvert And Extrovert

People have different characters and that is what makes us different. Well, an introvert is often thought of as a reserved, quiet and thoughtful individual. They don’t seek social arrangements or special attention. On the other hand, extroverts are the exact opposite of the introvert. They are often described as the life of a party. They are more outgoing and seek out conversations and interactions. They love social gatherings and frenzy environment.

Therefore this article seeks out to explore the difference between introvert and extrovert. This is to help shy men who have a problem with establishing relationships with their girlfriends to get to understand better what it means being an introvert and extrovert. Read on and find out.

Personality traits of an Introvert

Let us have a look at some of the personality traits of an introvert.

He prefers his own time

Introverts prefer having their own time which they feel they are not disturbed.They would prefer watching movies, reading books, playing games all alone. You will find them being home alone and they are very comfortable.This hinders them from socializing with the outside world since they are quite reserved.


They have a small circle of friends

Introverts are not good at blending in well with other people.They don’t like being looked down upon or being criticized. Therefore they prefer having a small circle of trusted friends which makes them find it hard to socialize with strangers. They prefer solitude and a small circle of friends.


They have self-awareness

Introverts tend to be inward turning which implies they spend most of their time examining their own experiences. They have insights and feeling for themselves. They devote their time to meditate and learn more about who they are which makes them love to think about their lives.


They are introspective and curious

Introverts usually find themselves daydreaming.They think over an issue before they make a choice. They are also very curious about the results of their decisions. This makes it hard for others to convince them.



Personal Traits of Extroverts

Extroverts are often described as outgoing and friendly, here are some personal Traits.

They have broad interests

Extroverts are very enthusiastic and they have broader interests. They would fit it to any company and get along well. Most of their hobbies involve going to places where there is a social gathering which makes them meet new people.

Difference Between Introvert And Extrovert
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They communicate by talking

Extroverts can easily strike up a conversation. They don’t choose who to talk to since they can have a conversation with strangers. This makes them meet new people and get to learn more about their lives.

They enjoy being the center of attraction

Extroverts like being the topic of the day. They love being the center of attention. They find it passionate when people notice them and appreciate who they are. They would prefer places where people are rather than spending time alone at home.

They are Friendly and approachable

It is easier to approach Extroverts because of their friendly nature. People might find comfort to talk to them on life issues without feeling shy. Well, an Extrovert will listen to you and even follow up on how you are fairing on which makes them likable.

Well, by having such an insight on the personal Traits of the introverts and Extroverts it will be much easier to tell their differences



Differences between introvert and extrovert

The society seems to be dominated by Extroverts since they are social and outgoing.Introverts are often misunderstood as being anti-social and boring.

How they connect with people

The most dominant difference between introverts and extroverts is the way they connect with people. Introverts tend to avoid places where they are larger crowds. They avoid being noticed hence they only engage people who they are interested with. They like giving attention to the people who they are investing in and they have bonded with. They also expect attention from such people. They can commit themselves to a relationship for a very long time.

On the other hand, Extroverts love where they are a lot of people.They like being the center of attraction.They are experts in approaching new people and they can blend in well since they are talkative. They value experiences that are fueled by others.



How they get their energy.

Introverts require some time alone to clear their mind whereas extroverts get energy by socializing with others. This makes introverts get disconnected from the world so that they can reset their focus. Introverts recharge themselves with the energy within because they are in full control of themselves. They perceive spending time with other people will drain them.

On the other hand, Extroverts get energy from their social environment. They feel fulfilled when they are surrounded by people. This stimulates them to share their energy with others.

How they portray themselves

An introvert is reserved and they prefer being mysterious. They leave people wondering what is so special about them. They don’t open up easily.They are not interested in getting attention from the people around them.

Extroverts are not complicated they are like an open book. They open up on their experiences which makes people interested in them. They are so popular among the crowd.

How they manage information

Introverts are sensitive to information which makes them very good listeners.They require detailed and precise information before they can make a decision.

Extroverts are not focused on the information. They don’t require to have a full scope on a situation before they make their decision. Their talkative nature makes them relay even sensitive information. Such people have many loose ends when it comes to keeping secrets.

Advice for introverts

Well if you are an introvert it is good to establish a balance in life. You need to treasure the ones you love and try to socialize with others. You get to supplement each other and share life experiences which will help you yo succeed in your endeavors.

Advice for the Extroverts

For the Extroverts, it is important to understand others. Not everyone can be outgoing like you. Don’t force introverts out of their comforts zone, instead, you need to embrace them.


It is not bad to be introvert or extrovert. It should also be known that being introverts should not be mistaken with being shy. There are advantages to both character traits. Hence, no one should be looked down upon in favor of the other person.

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