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Where To Meet Women – Tips For Shy Men

It’s very important for shy men to realize that being shy doesn’t always need to mean you can’t get a dating life or meet your special someone. In fact, being shy and introverted can be a valuable asset in the dating world. There are many women that prefer quieter, introverted guys, and you just have to learn how to make your shyness into a valuable quality instead of a weaknesss.

In this guide, we will share some dating tips for shy men, and especially about the best places where to meet women for shy guys. As an introvert myself, I used to struggle with meeting new people and much less dating new women.

After I’ve tried virtually everything, I found that these eight activities below are the most effective in meeting new women.

1. Online

I’m often asked by shy guys anywhere about the best places to meet women, and my number one answer is: online. However, many of them then replied that they have tried online dating and apps, but it didn’t work for them.

However, there is one reason why online is a great place for shy men: it’s less intimidating since you are not meeting her face-to-face. So (at least in theory), it should be easier to join and maintain a conversation.

It’s important to understand that “online” here doesn’t only mean dating sites and apps like Tinder. Yet, there are also other platforms that might deserve your attention, such as:

  • Meetup: Meetup is a social networking site that allows users to organize and join groups related to a common interest.
    Most larger cities have now days a broad variety of activities including sports, outdoor activities, wine tasting and even dating. Since the Meetup groups are often based on shared interests, you can meet women with something in common.

Of course, the “traditional” online dating sites and apps can still work. The best tip we can give you here is to be natural and always post your best profile picture. The first impression does matter.

2. Spiritual Communities

This might be an uncommon and probably controversial suggestion.

However, whether it’s churches, temples, synagogues, or other places, spiritual and religious communities are great places to meet women who actually appreciate quieter and sensitive guys (this could be you!).

It’s understandable, however, that entering these spiritual communities can be very a daunting task, especially if you are not a religious person in the first place.

However, remember that not all spiritual people are weirdos. There are many people who are attractive and are inspiring individuals in these religious communities, and yes, many of them have healthy dating, marriage, and sex lives

Also, joining these spiritual communities can actually help you as a person, since you can develop yourself mentally and spiritually. There are some communities that are more open and accepting to new people than the others, so you might want to do your research first.

Also, ask your religious/spiritual friends if you can come to their communities, this can help a lot since your friend can also introduce you to girls right away.

3. Get a Wingman

Another famous tactic that is often featured in movies and sitcoms is to let a wingman help when you are trying to get a date.

The ideal wingman is a social, outgoing friend (can be straight or gay) who knows a lot of women and can take you to a lot of parties. This way, they can help you open conversations with women.

Actually, many species from turkeys to lance-tailed manakins use the wingman strategy, and it is effective because individuals naturally look more attractive when they are in a group.

So, get more friends. It’s usually easier for shy men to make friends with another male than to start a conversation with women. Yet, we understood that it can often be a struggle. So, here are our tips on how you can get a wingman:

  • Be proactive and commit. No, you won’t get more friends if you only play video games or watch Netflix all day. First, make a commitment that you are going to make friends.
  • Join a community: Join a gym, martial arts class, or even go to the nearest bar to watch sports events. Yes, if necessary, learn a sport.
  • Find opportunities to help people: The best way to make friends is to help them (or show them that you can be helpful). Always look for opportunities where you can be helpful.
  • Be a yes man: Agree to do things as often as you are invited by your new friends. Remember, going out can open up a chance to meet new people and even more friends.

The main idea here is to have a mindset that making new friends is easier and less intimidating than talking to a girl. So, commit to it!

4. Volunteer Work

Volunteering for stuff can be a great activity for shy men for three reasons: First, you may meet great friends that can be your wingman/wingwoman. Second, it’s a great place to meet girls who’d appreciate timidnatured men, and third, volunteering can make you feel good about yourself—building your self-esteem—.

Volunteering in animal shelters, for example, is a great place to meet girls since a lot of women love animals.

Find an organization or social activity you believe in, and volunteer. Another great benefit of volunteer works is that typically they don’t require commitment. So, you can try a few and find the right one for you (or the one with more attractive women).

5. Cooking Classes

Where To Meet women

Another great activity to try is to join a cooking class. Why? Because not only you can improve your cooking skills (which will have its uses), chances are you will be one of the few guys there.

So, joining a cooking class can be a win-win situation where you’d have nothing to lose. When worse comes to worst, you could actually learn to cook something nice for yourself, which can also be useful for your future dating. Best case scenario? You could practice your cooking at home with one of the girls you meet at the class.

6. Dancing Classes

Dancing classes are also a really good activity where we can meet more women. We all know how flirty dancing can be very effective in generating attraction, but there is a significant difference between dance classes or a club.

In dancing classes, the situation is already set up for you to socialize, mingle, and rotate dance partners. In clubs, you have to make the approach, which can be overwhelming for shy men. So, dance classes can be a lot of fun, and while not every woman in the class is looking to meet new people, many of them will be open to the possibility.

There are many different dancing classes available depending on your location: Salsa, Swing (West Coast or East Coast), Country, Waltz, and so on. Each of them will have their own crowd, so you might want to try different classes and different venues before you can find one which fits your style and needs.

7. Community Education Programs

Various community education and adult education programs can provide unique opportunities to meet new people over common interests, while also providing easy access to conversation points.

In general, since your goal is to meet more people, aim for classes that would most appeal to girls attending. Language classes, body language mastery, communication skills, public speaking, and other similar classes can be good choices.

Also, a unique thing about adult education classes and courses is that they are typically long enough so you can mingle, socialize, and build relationships. However, look for those that don’t require too long of a
commitment so you can easily switch to other classes when things went awry.

Where to meet women

8. Acting Classes

Acting classes and theater courses also provide great opportunities to meet women, due to several reasons. First, many women are striving to be actors, and so typically there are a lot of women in these classes.

Second, the class is designed so you can practice how to riff with new people, and this will also help you in improving your communication skills and body language (which will be useful in your dating journeys). Also, acting classes can help build confidence, and you can easily create opportunities to practice in private with the woman you are interested in.

End Words

I hope this guide has given you some ideas on where you can meet a potential date, even if you are a shy and/or introverted guy. The eight tips we have discussed above are certainly the most effective ways you can meet women today, but they still require (a bit) of effort and ultimately, bravery.

I used to struggle with my shyness and my dating life used to be a big mess. Yet, these insights have really helped me and now my I don’t struggle anymore in meeting and dating women. Having the choice to meet multiple women is certainly better than being alone all the time, and I deeply recommend these eight tips above so you can experience your dating transformation.

9 thoughts on “Where To Meet Women – Tips For Shy Men

  1. Hi John!

    Great article.  

    Actually I am more of an introverted guy myself, and so this was an interesting read for me.  

    I definitely think in this day and age with the internet it is a lot easier for introverted or shy guys to meet ladies.  

    I think one of the things introverted guys need to understand is that there are also a lot of introverted ladies out there as well.  

    Not ALL women want to be out clubbing and wining and dining all the time.  

    So there’s hope for the introverts!

    Plus there’s girls who like to game too (what what!).  

    But yeah, it’s nice to see some online dating advice for those of us who are on the more introverted side.  

    Thanks John!

    1. Yes, there are som many women that also are intreverted and don’t like bars and clubs. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Thanks for this tips i must tell you.. it’s very important to know this especially for the shy ones as this is been directed to the….i can say that as i was once in that line before but an article like this one changed my life know i have all the tips and word for every lady…thanks once more

  3. I am one shy guy and it has always been difficult for me to approach a woman face to face. one way i am learning to get hold of it is by talking to them in the church. i think there is a little amount of confidence that comes in when i get to meet them in the church. thank you for this tips

  4. As a shy person, I find it very interesting that you would write about this. I think that you are right on the mark with most of your ideas. There will be more girls than guys at cooking classes, dance classes, acting classes, etc. because most guys wouldn’t want to show their softer side. (Which I believe they’d think they’d be doing if they participated in such classes.) I think that you have shown a bunch of men an advantage To taking such classes.

  5. Helooo John, thanks for this article it’s exactly what my brother needs. He’s a very shy dude when it comes to having a date, I know this tips are really going be helpful to him. On the other hand I was never an introvert but for sure I know these places mentioned are the very best place for shy guys to hookup. I actually met my girlfriend in one of those spiritual communities that’s the church to be precise and I noticed she loved music and I basically sing whenever we are having such gatherings, so that was an advantage on my path. Thanks once again for sharing this.

  6. This is an awesome article! I love how you’ve put forward a credible list of ways in which shy men can meet women. One of them in particular helped me to win the girl of my dreams many years ago…..tip #3 – get a wingman. My very sociable friend and I went out for a night on the town. I saw a girl who I liked, and my friend being much braver and more sociable than me, just started talking to her and got me involved. 

    As the night progressed, I got more comfortable talking to her. Lo and behold, we started dating soon thereafter. The morale of the story is don’t let your shyness paralyze you. It helps to have a wingman who can have your back and help you to overcome your fear of talking to women. It worked for me. It can work for anyone else.

    The other tips in the article are also great ideas. I would encourage any shy man to try at least one of them.

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