Why Do Women Like Confident Men

Why Do Women Like Confident Men?

When any woman is asked to list the characteristics and traits that she would want her perfect man to have, without fail, they always mention confidence. But, as a man, you can’t help but wonder and ask yourself, what does that actually mean? What is the true definition of confidence? And what if you are shy by nature? Does that mean you will not be able to attain the confidence you desire and that women seek?

The subject for this article is “Why Do Women Like Confident Men” because we no longer want any man to think that he is incapable of being a confident person. And the best way to gain this confidence is to first understand what the traits are, what it means to be confident, and then how to apply this confidence in an effective and genuine way so that it just comes as second nature to you. Below are some of the many reasons women like confident men, and the traits you should concentrate on developing.

They Possess Self-Awareness

The first step toward attaining confidence in yourself is becoming self-aware. You need to throw your ego as well as your perceptions of yourself out the door and start from scratch – almost like you’re a person analyzing someone else. There is nothing better than appreciating the good things about you as well as recognizing your faults.

Once you have done this, you’ll be able to move forward and accept yourself, as you work on bettering the traits that you feel might be bringing you down. By becoming a man who is self-aware, you become better equipped to deal with your insecurities. And eliminating your insecurities is the key to becoming a more confident man.

Women appreciate men who own up to their shortcomings. When they see someone who is capable of taking responsibility for his faults and mistakes, and actually takes action to better themselves, it automatically grants them a new level of respect. A man who is self-aware is a man who can see past his ego, and women love the fact that the man they are with is confident enough to be honest with himself.


They Have Empathy

If you have overcome the challenge of becoming a self-sufficient and self-aware man, the next step toward building your confidence is mastering the concept of empathy. This is not easy for everyone, but it is necessary. Empathy is your ability to relate to what other people are going through and to put yourself in their shoes as they go through their experiences in life.

Women find this to be extremely attractive and a clear sign of confidence. It shows them you are not ashamed to show your sensitive side, as well as the fact that you are able to be a considerate human being, which means you not only take care of yourself, but the people around you as well.

They are Responsible

This is a trait that we all take for granted. We assume that we are all responsible human beings. But as a woman, she needs to feel secure with the man that she is in a relationship with, and for her to be sure that he is responsible, the only way that shows this is through a number of things. A responsible man emits an air of confidence because he is strong enough to be able to balance all of the people and issues in his life without fear or faltering.

When you know what role you play in the world around you, you become that much more enlightened and able to give off an air of confidence because the sense of insecurity is put to rest. You know what to do to keep a clean and functional home, you take care of your family, and you go out of your way to make them comfortable.

When your friends need you, you’re always there, you know how to keep a fine balance between work and play, and you know that it’s important to be self-sufficient in taking care of yourself physically, as well as mentally.

It’s in the Attitude

There is a very fine line between arrogance and confidence. This is why when we say the subject for this article is “Why Do Women Like Confident Men” we have to ensure that you know the difference between the two because the truth is, women do not like an arrogant man. By all means, you should be proud of yourself and your accomplishments in life, but there is a way to portray this to the people around you that doesn’t come off as haughty.

When you are arrogant, you boast about what it is you do, you treat people as if they are less than you. But when you’re confident, you don’t need to make it a point to remind people of everything that you do. Having confidence needs no words. It’s the attitude that you give off by the way you carry yourself. You encourage people to be better and you know that nothing deserves a negative attitude.

Learn how to focus on what’s important in your life, and you’ll realize that you won’t have to react to people who try to bring you down. By maintaining a positive attitude, that in itself is the essence of confidence, and women love a positive man. It gives them hope and comfort and allows them to see you for who you are, rather than the situations that you are exposed to. If you respond to these situations in a mature, calm and positive manner, there’s no way you can lose.

They Have Solid Decision-Making Skills

Women know that a man oozes confidence when he is capable of making decisions on the spot that are just as swift as they are calculated. If you are a clear-headed person, you will learn that decision-making will not have to be as complex and as stressful as it may seem to be at times. If you take on situations and analyze them from a clear perspective, you’ll be able to make decisions in a calculated and effective manner.

Women love this because it helps them feel like they are around a man who is able to take hold of any kind of sudden occurrence and take the wheel, making sure that all is taken care of without them having to worry. A man who knows how to take control when things fall apart is a man that most women are attracted toward.


They Are Generous

There has to be a balance between being assertive in your attitude and being kind in the way you deal with people. A confident man can win any woman’s heart when she sees how kind and generous he can be, without expecting anything in return.

When you are generous in the way you treat people, regardless of whether they are friends, family, or a stranger in the street, knowing that you are the kind of man who wants to help others is something that melts a woman’s heart in an instant. This is because she will know you are a genuine human being who wants to do good for mankind in general, and this goes a long way in illustrating the volume of your confidence.

Honesty Is Natural For Them

This trait is definitely a given, but it must be mentioned because it’s not as common as most of us may think. When you are confident in yourself, your ways and your beliefs, then you will never feel the need to lie or keep secrets. There is nothing worse for a woman than a man who feels the need to lie to impress her, because it will only go so far. It won’t last, because the truth always comes out, and no healthy relationship can ever be based on dishonesty.

If you believe in yourself, and you stick to being honest no matter what, then you’re bound to find the right woman for you. A good woman will always appreciate the confidence of a man who is willing to bare it all, right or wrong, so that he is an open book with her.


The traits mentioned above are crucial as a basis of building confidence for any man, no matter what kind of personality you may have. You might be the shy and silent type, but this doesn’t make you any less of a man than the ones who are loud and expressive. Confidence isn’t about noise, it’s about the way you carry yourself and how you perceive yourself, because ultimately it shows in your attitude, your decision making, and in the way you treat others.

Be sure to always stay true to yourself and never falter, no matter what challenges you will be faced with and hurdles you’ll have to cross. A real woman knows what real confidence looks like, and it draws her in like a moth to a flame. As you grow in experience and strength, you will also grow in confidence, and this is something that will show without you even having to say a word. Carry yourself naturally and you’ll see how effective your confidence will be.

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